Friday, August 20, 2010

Sermon Notes * Details by Ed Young

I have a little notebook from our 2009 Children's Conference. I take it to each small group & weekend service to take notes. I'm an old school note-taker. I had to stop & reread my notes from the January 9, 2010 sermon Pastor Ed shared. This sermon was over manners. I'd never heard a sermon over manners & it really struck me so I wanted to share some of the points from my notes.

In our culture, the mood is rude.

Ignorance + Arrogance = Rudeness
Knowledge + Humility = Respect

1. Manners are deep. Philippians 2:3-4
2. Manners aren't general; thy are specific.
3. Manners aren't selective; they're standard. EVERYONE MATTERS TO GOD.
4. Manners aren't about you; they're about others.

10 Things for 2010
1. I will take responsibility for honors, respect, & manners.
2. I will gladly welcome correction. (read Proverbs...)
3. I will deal with people honestly & without hostility.
4. I will look at (not through) people.
5. I will look my best because I represent the best.
6. I will expect respect in all of my relationships.
7. I will incorporate the power words in my life: Yes sir; No ma'am; please; thank you.
8. I will make hospitality happen.
9. I will live in prayer mode. (pray for everyone I see/meet)
10. I will fast to make it last. (awake21.0rg)

PS You can check out the podcast on itunes or you can listen to it here.

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