Thursday, August 19, 2010

bad ideas...

My next door neighbors are a really nice family. The parents (Tasi & Linda) are from South Africa & both work for Fed Ex. Their two children (Michaela & Nick) are really good. Whenever Linda has to go to Tennessee for work, I help out with the kids while Tasi is at work. It's really simple: I come over early, early, early in the a.m. so Tasi can go to work. I get the kids up & take them to either school or childcare (depending on the time of year), head to work, pick up the kids from school or childcare after work, then chill out wiht them until Tasi gets home. It's really simple & the kids are so good, I enjoy the time we spend together.

Tonight was our last night together since Linda returns tomorrow afternoon. I wanted to make tonight special so I told the kids we could cook anything they wanted for dinner. I was surprised when they told me they wanted Spaghetti Tacos. Essentially you make spaghetti, bake some taco shells, then place the noodles in the shell, and you top it off with either marinara or alfredo sauce. If you think this sounds like not your type of meal, you & I would have something in common. I was surprised to see Nick eat three & Michaela eat two. I was really thankful I was able to eat one.... No. I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

After dinner I thought we could ride around the neighborhood. Michaela would ride her bike, Nick would ride his scooter, and I would use my roller skates. Michaela opted to walk. My roller skates did not do well on the sidewalk. I didn't want to set a bad example by skating in the street so I tried to power through on the sidewalk. After almost tripping 7 times, we headed back to the house. I put on my vibrams. Nick put up his scooter & took his bike out. Michaela & I walked behind him. So not quite the fun outing I thought it would be.

I thought ice cream would make the evening better. We went to Braums...oh Braums how I love you! We had a much better experience with Braums. :-)

To cap off the night we played a game of Nintendo Monopoly. I used Link's boots for my token. :-) The kids did not quite grasp what were good purchases & what weren't.

Thankfully the kids all had really good attitudes. :-) And next time I babysit, I'll think through things a little more before I agree to things like spaghetti tacos.

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Amber said...

I'm gonna guess they watch iCarly? They eat spaghetti tacos ALL the time on there.