Monday, May 17, 2010

Chris Rocks Friday...on a Monday

I haven't done this type of post in ages. It's not because Chris went on a hiatus of not rocking. No, no my friends. Chris still rocks. Chris still knows how to be awesome. After all, I seriously doubt that's something one forgets. :-)

So what reason will I give for Chris rocking this particular post? Will it have to do with work? Will it have to do with volunteering? Will it involve hobbies? What will be the reason? *drum roll please*

Chris just might be the most supportive guy ever.

Yesterday we had a cookout for my volunteer team after services. Chris came to meet my team. Chris lugged tables, chairs, coolers to wherever they needed to go without complaint. Chris sanitized the tables after too. He did all of this is hot, humid weather with a good attitude.

We're playing church league softball. I think I'm going to be horrific at it. Chris helped me pick out a good glove & played catch with me yesterday afternoon. He gave me pointers on how to improve. He gave encouragement. He believed in me and now I'm not concerned about how poorly I'll play this Friday.

He set up a dinner date with some friends for last night too. We had homemade pizza, great conversation and went to Tappy's for dessert.

Talk about a supportive guy & that's just one day that he shows how much he loves me. Just one. I'm a very blessed lady to have someone who loves me so much--Chris rocks.

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