Thursday, May 13, 2010

blowin up huge

My old boss was in a fantasy football league & would say, 'planet m is blowin up huge!' whenever his team would do particularly well. Around the office we will occasionally say this if an event was going smoothly. 'camp registration is blowin up huge!' 'volunteerism is blowin up huge!'

My love of shoes is blowin up huge as of late. These are my two latest purchases:

Close to total opposites but both make me so incredibly excited. The boots just make me smile. I look at them & ask myself if it's possible to wear them with every single item in my closet. They sparkle. They are not something you see everyday. They remind me of the journey I'm on thanks to the Flavour conference in April. I love these boots.

The gorilla looking shoes are vibram five fingers sprint. These are part of the barefoot running movement. Apparently they strengthen your feet and calves. Wearing these shoes completely change your gait & make it easier to run longer (you use less energy to make your strides). I picked these bad boys up during lunch.

Slipping out of 3.5 inch stilettos and into these felt just a wee bit different. A good different. My arches are so happy right now. I am so pumped these shoes feel so good! I can't wait to go for a run in them in the morning.

I've missed running a lot. I'm so out of shape now which makes me not want to run which makes me more of out see the vicious cycle. I loved running and with my weird looking barefoot shoes, I'm hoping my love of running returns--especially since I have softball starting up on Sunday night.

Hopefully my love of fitness will be blowin up huge too...

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