Friday, December 11, 2009

Chris Rocks Friday

So my buddy is participating in My Husband Rocks Friday which I think is a ton of fun! Today she posted about how wonderful of a dad her husband is to their precious little one. It made me smile & I thought, "it's a shame Chris & I aren't married so I could do this!" But since I love him and slipped up by calling his father 'Dad' the other day rather than his name (Daryl), I feel like it's ok if I bend the rules and do this. This is from church camp this July. He's Donkey Kong. Yep. In Texas heat in July & August my Chris was Donkey Kong. Not only did he wear a full on gorilla suit but he did physical activities in it to give the kids a 'wow' factor. See Chris rocks because he will do whatever it takes to ensure that kids know God's love & love church. Chris doesn't care about looking ridiculous, spending hours on making an incredible set, or being pushed to the edge physically (seriously this guy did a tri-triathlon in the costume on the last day of camp). Chris does care about children being passionate about God. Chris rocks!


Connie said...

I agree-that does define awesome.

Amber said...

THATS AWESOME! I am so glad you are participating! Chris does rock!