Friday, December 25, 2009

Chris Rocks Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you are all cozy, with loved ones, and enjoying many blessings. All 6 Christmas Experiences went beautiful at church! :-) Yesterday we were blessed with a beautiful blanket of snow. It made me so happy to see how many people braved the elements to come to church.

Today is our third edition of Chris Rocks Friday. What better time than now to tell you why he rocks Christmas. For the past couple of weeks he has made it his mission to make sure I had no clue about Christmas presents. No joke. He did ask for a list but I had no idea if he opted to get me anything from the list. He wouldn't even tell me if he went shopping for me.

Let me be honest, I tried my best to find out what he had bought for me for Christmas...but this guy wouldn't budge. Impressive but not helpful for my situation. And truth be told, now after opening gifts, he still won't tell me when he went shopping.

Chris did an excellent job of purchasing gifts--I feel spoiled. :-) One of the best gifts he gave me today was lovingly filling my tires with air in the freezing cold. Yep. This guy aired up my tires in the slushy cold so we would be safe on our 200 mile trip up to my Mom's house. I love him!

Merry Christmas!

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