Wednesday, May 13, 2009

want to adopt her!

This is our fake adopted dog: Cosita. She lives on the same cul-de-sac as Chris' parents. She's a very funny puppy. I've never been around a dog with this much personality. We love her. Whenever we visit his parents, Cosita runs out of her yard (because really is a fence going to keep something this tiny in?) to greet us. She's been known to protect us from bugs, cars, doors opening...she's very fierce.

Really? Do you want to mess with a dog that looks like this when she barks? I think not. She would definitely keep us safe.

It's fun having a fake adopted pooper scooper to worry about, no vet visits: just playing with her and making sure she has some treats....oh, and taking a ton of pictures of her. So who knows, perhaps when we get married one day, we'll be able to adopt a puppy as funny as Cosita.

Yes, we know that's an uphill battle because, seriously, check out how funny her face is!

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