Friday, May 15, 2009


Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail

Do the world a Flavor

Do The World A Flavor - our latest competition that gives you the chance to show the whole world that when it comes to creating the perfect ice cream, the true Flavor Guru is you!

To take part, just mosey over to our online flavor lab, whip together the ice cream of your dreams and give it an appropriately appealing name. You can design your own pint and send to all your friends, for bragging rights.

Hurry, because the contest ends on May 28th! The Grand Prize winner will see their idea transformed into the next Ben & Jerry's scoop shop flavor and visit a working Fair Trade Cocoa farm in the Dominican Republic, so get your entry in quick and beat the stampede!

Chocolate Macadamia
Our newest, moovellous Fair trade flavor, will be hitting a freezer near you very soon. Packed with fair and sustainably sourced ingredients - from the chocolate and vanilla right down to the macadamia nuts, this flavor really is as good as it tastes.

Chocolate Macadamia

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