Thursday, April 2, 2009


I met with a caterer just a moment or two ago. Yes, it was work related (Kenneth thought I had neglected to tell him something very important...Chris is his bff so you should have seen his face). We're having a conference April 23-24 (seriously you should check this out!). I am so thankful for what all I get to do in the preliminary phases. One of those responsibilities is planning lunches for the two days.

Now if you just stumbled across this and have no idea as to who I am as a person, you may not realize just how big of a deal this truly is. I LOVE doing stuff like this. Let me plan a party. Let me cook dinner for you! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

I told the caterer we wanted to do something soggy sandwiches on my watch thank you very much! We discussed the idea of a lunchable. Yes a lunchable. You can't tell me as a child you didn't BEG/PLEAD with your mom to have one. I was only allowed to have one if I were going on a field trip. I love them and don't deny that you do too.

Today she brought me a sample. Picture a lunchable tray (totally reusable, microwave and oven safe!) with three solid, thick pieces of honey roasted turkey, five different cheeses (oh so fancy!), fresh strawberries and grapes, a white chocolate mint, and a croissant. How hungry are you? Not only is it adorable but it's delectable!

I am floating on cloud nine...ready to show off this creatively yummy lunch to anyone who will see it. The guys that see it tell me that it just wouldn't be enough food. WHAT?!? I have a few more hours to think about this. I don't want anyone going hungry on my watch. So we'll see....but seriously, you guys, this is the cutest idea.

Can't our conference be creative with throws of cute in it?

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