Tuesday, March 11, 2008

work day highlights

*Shelly brought a super moist cakes magazine to work today. It might be my new favorite magazine. I find myself absentmindedly looking through it...imagining different cakes for different occasions. I made copies of some of the recipes. I look forward to talking these awesome cakes in the coming weeks--ie I'm going to have to have some parties so I can show off the incredible cakes. :-)

*I love running errands during the work day. It is almost like an adult field trip...except my errands never take me to the zoo or an art museum. Today I found a killer restaurant that serves pescado tacos & the glories of hispanic grocery stores.

*My passing out story has been a topic of conversation--I've moved out of the embarrassed phase & into the this is a "new odd story" phase. I think this will come in handy for classroom two truths & a lie game.

*Alissa's baked spaghetti at lunch...delicioso!

*Early dismissal...thirty minutes & counting!

*No more fog outside--wahoo! I don't think I'll ever live in jolly old England after this morning's commute....France on the other hand is still a go--and by go I mean I really want to return.

*Emily bringing me popcorn. Word in the halls is I don't weigh enough & that's what caused me to pass out...personally I don't agree with that but I will gladly take the snacks. So far today I've gotten the popcorn, a pepsi, and a dark chocolate milky way.

*One of my students told me I was her "cuppy-cake" which is apparently a very good thing.

Ahhh...Tuesday is always a great day of the work week!

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