Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As vanity seems to be creeping in on me, I've decided to reread one of my FAVORITE books of all time: The Great Gatsby. I have trouble explaining why Daisy is one of my favorite literary characters of all time--she's so intriguing. How can anyone lack such sincerity and be such a "prize" at the same time? I love that zero character development occurs for her. I love that she symbolizes so much about the culture of the roaring 20s. I love that she appears to have a moment in which she is capable of SO MUCH MORE but the next moment she returns to her true self. I love how I can't really draw any parallels with her but still LOVE her. I think I may love her even more than Jane Austen's Emma--which, if you didn't know, I am the most like her out of any other female character in any genre. There's just something about her...maybe this reread will enable me to articulate just what that something is.

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