Thursday, March 13, 2008

depeche mode vs. the violent femmes

I have a tendency to have a song stuck in my head on a weekly basis. Usually it tends to be a certain band that I can't stop listening to...*i go through music cycles--currently i can't get enough of maroon 5...but i feel a fiona apple kick coming on next* This week, however, I keep hearing 80s songs *2 in particular* over and over again. "Just Can't Get Enough" and "Blister in the Sun" are on a loop in my head. I'm very surprised by this.

I saw this band on Friday night called The Spazmatics. They are an 80s cover band who dress like spazs & do some ridiculous dance moves on stage. They are a total entertainment experience. This was only my second time to see them but they are quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love how much I laugh at their shows but more than that, I love that they're actually talented musicians.

I thought about singing to the students today in an attempt to get the songs out of my head, but then I realized I like that they're stuck in my head. They are great songs!!! I just can't get enough...I just can't get enough.

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