Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Last year we were the dynamic duo. We had a fabulous time as Batman & Robin. As Halloween is Chris' favorite holiday & I tend to generate fifty costume ideas a year, this was a great time for us.

This year we've been pretty busy with everything going on at church. We wanted to have some quality costumes with a creative flair. We tossed out several ideas & decided on being The Wicked Witch of (south)West and a Flying Monkey. This may not seem too creative to you so please let me unpack a little more of this idea for you:
  • Southwest Airlines corporate headquarters shuts down on Halloween (or the Friday before pending on the day) for a huge party. Different departments decorate hq, put on shows, and even have a haunted maze. (fyi: Chris' mom works for southwest)
  • By being the wicked witch of the southwest, I'm decorating my broom with Southwest Air colors (ribbons tied around the handle) & will put planes in the brush. I'm also wearing southewest wings pinned to my collar.
  • Chris will wear a pear of costume wings and have a carry on bag...since bags fly free at Southwest.

Our church is having Trunk or Treat after service on Saturday and I won't be dressed as a witch. I thought I would be Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie). This afternoon I took a little time out from the office, grabbed a pumpkin spice latte, and decided to look for my Dorothy shoes. I have a pair of red peep toe mini wedges but didn't think this was very ruby red slipper-y. I went to the mall & looked for red shoes. I found an amazing pair of 3 inch stilettos that aren't sparkly but are certainly fierce. I decided these would work just fine for Dorothy....and I could wear them multiple times (especially during conference season).

When we left church tonight we decided to hit up Party City. I found a very modest Dorothy costume (hard to believe but true! the skirt went to the knees & it wasn't skin tight!!!). I waited in line to try it on and I was beaming. I had on my new red shoes & couldn't wait to try on the costume. I knew this would be great!

A lady and her middle school aged daughter were in front of me. They also had a Dorothy costume but it wasn't was probably the playboy take on Dorothy. The mother took the costume out of the package and held it up to her daughter. The mother voiced a couple of concerns on the length & low cut parts of the costume. The daughter convinced her it would be ok.

The mother, who seemed still a little unsure, asked if there were any other Dorothy costumes. I politely held up my costume and mentioned there was another Dorothy style costume. The mother gets this disgusted look on her face, evaluates both costumes, then says, 'Yeah but this one is cute,' and points at the costume her daughter has.

So that was a bit awkward...

I tried on my costume & it looked AWFUL. I decided I couldn't do this to someone as beloved as Dorothy Gale. We left Party City & headed to a Halloween store in another part of town. I wasn't able to find a Dorothy costume but I did find my witch costume that looks EXTREMELY similar to the movie version. I also scored an AMAZING broom for a mere $5.

All I need to pick up now for Friday's party is black lipstick & black fingernail polish. I still need to think of a costume idea for Saturday. I could always were what I wore in our promo video...but it's a little heavy. What do you think?

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