Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it weird that I get bummed when I fall behind on blogs? There are several I read consistently (mostly of ladies I know from college) & a few that I stumbled across that are so great to read (it feels almost like I know the person....weird? maybe but true). I also like to post on what's going on here, what I'm learning, and why Chris rocks. So now I feel very behind and want to do a slew of updates but realize that they would be very jumbled.

How about a brief, bulletted list? I love them.
  • Maggie is getting married on Saturday! Can you believe it my wonderful college roommie & crazy cool friend is getting married in a matter of days. I'm incredibly excited for her!
  • Chris has a present for me but is making me wait to get it...if you know me, you know waiting for a surprise isn't my strong suit. If I know what it is, I wait without complaint but the unknown makes me excited. I will keep you posted--and hopefully you won't have to wait as long as I have (we're at 12 days now)
  • My precious Grandma went home last Friday & this Sunday we'll celebrate her 94th birthday! 94--I always make her younger than she actually is. I think it's because to me she's still spry.
  • We're thinking of redoing our office with cartoon characters who are representative of us: the consensus is that I'm Edna from The Incredibles. This makes me wonder if I wear my glasses too much or if I need to get a new hairstyle....
  • I love Alice In Wonderland but Chris isn't a fan. This is like a reverse repeat of Avatar. Thankfully he will watch it again with me.
Hopefully this Friday I'll be back on track with why Chris rocks....and maybe I'll have an update on the present. My guess is it's a new camera. My hope is it's a potty trained puppy.

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Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

I always fall behind on blogs! And then try to catch up over the weekend.

That is incredible that your grandmother is 94 and so spry! You should ask all her secrets. :)