Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hair and a hair brain scheme

So I LOVE "The Amazing Race" a lot. It's one show that I really, really want to be on. I don't know if the desire to be on it has increased since: 1. I was never a contestant on "The Price Is Right" while Bob Barker was the host 2. I never got to be on "Double Dare" or "Legends of the Hidden Temple" as a child 3. I get closer to one day being a wife (and someday a mother) since Chris has entered my life 4. I just get more freakishly competitive with each passing year.

Whatever the case may be, I was thinking about how fantastic it would be to be on the show again this morning. Honestly Chris and I would have a fighting chance on the show...he's very laid-back and PATIENT. I have no concept of time and always fear I might be late thus causing me to rush just about everywhere I go. That combination could be tv gold...plus we think we're funny (you should hear the way we laugh about things).

While thinking about all of this, I realized I would need my hair to be long enough to fit in a pony tail and be able to wear it curly (ie put my gel in it and call it good). I don't want my hair to get in my way and slow us down...or look icky on national tv.

So I'm pretty sure that we'll be looking at auditioning soon...no joke.

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will said...

Only if you audition as Batman and Robin...