Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a tad delirious

I LOVE what I'm doing at work---words fail at successfully communicating how much I LOVE what I'm getting to do. With the hours at work increasing, my hours of rest/free time/sleep have diminished exponentially. This means I'm off my game. Really off my game--if you thought I was random before, you should have a conversation with me now.

Everything to me is funny today. I'm talking to people, stifling giggles, and being very confused as I have NO IDEA what's making me laugh...which makes me laugh even harder. This, of course, creeps the person out. Then there's damage control--thankfully, I still have enough game left to talk my way out of the awkward situations.

A ridiculous but grand type of mood is dominating the exhaustion. I'm waiting for the moment I pass out. I can see it now: I'm laughing about something or other and BOOM! I'm on the floor, passed out, and possibly drooling. yikes--not too pretty.

Obviously that's worst case scenario--I sincerely doubt anything remotely close to that happens. Chances are I'll finish out the day with a sore throat from laughing and end up going to sleep *hopefully* before midnight.

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