Friday, September 28, 2007

Singing Silverchair

I love Silverchair. I remember in ninth grade being introduced to the greatness of "Frogstomp" by Nizhoni. (This is the same girl who introduced me to Salt-n-Pepa in fifth grade--also a life changing introduction.) I thought they were raw, cute, and musical geniuses. This was during my "artistic" phase so anyone I deemed as a musical genius was a crush.

Not only were they musical geniuses, all of their songs were like my soul poured out & put to music...or so I thought. I wanted to listen to nothing but Silverchair, Fiona Apple, and Bush (and Hanson but I was a closet fan--a girl couldn't like Silverchair & Hanson and still be respected as "deep"). They spoke to me, moved me, and made me feel remarkably connected to the world yet isolated at the same time.

This summer Silverchair released their fifth studio album: Young Modern. The first single, "Straight Lines", is fantastic. I find myself humming it in the halls. I start singing, "lately I'm a desperate believer but I'm walking in a straight line," when I think the classes aren't listening. So far every class has caught me trying to sing under my breath.

I wish I could type this only happens with Australian bands...truth is it happens all of the time. I tend to pick one song that I love for about two weeks & I sing it all of the stinking time. Last week I was fixating on Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine". It makes me wonder if I'll get a Hanson or Bush song from the late nineties stuck in my head for the next couple of weeks.

Until then: "I don't need no time to say There's no changing yesterday If we keep talking and I keep walking in straight lines Wake me up lower the fever Walking in a straight line Set me on fire in the evening Everything will be fine Wake me up strong in the morning Walking in a straight line Lately I'm a desperate believer But walking in a straight line."

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